Bernardo el tyrannid (Anglais..enfin une langue comme ca)


I just saw the left leg, and bring out a little bit of material to close better the two elements, the rest was fill with green stuff.

The only thing I sculpt is the hand handling the chest.

The same here, I create a wire armature and sculpt on it the hand.

Because I’am a funny guy, I would like to add a funny detail, I done it on the base, I use a tank door and I put a cadian arm handling a grenade.

In fact I would like to create a cartoon effect, when the bad guy is trying to explode the good guy with a big dynamite stick.

The texture of the base had been realized with “liquid rocks” from Vallejo, it’s a kind of lava paste, who give a really realistic effct of earth/rocks.

The bigger rocks had been done with andrea putty, witch is perfect to realize realistic stone.

The putty had beeen work with real stone and x acto knife, to give them the sharpness of real rock.

The barrel beside is in fact a ready piece of tamya scale model.

The cylinder had been done with different platicard tubes.

The colors used for the monster:

I use different kind of paints: games workshop, P3, reaper master serie paints, and 1 vallejo.

I always use a wet pallet to keep my melting always wet, that’s give me the possibility to re-use the same melt one day after.

As for the painting technic, I use the glazing method, it’s a very long process but it worth the passed time (here you have about 250 hours of works)

So for the color:

I mainly use 3 differents mark of paint and water

No add

I use P3, master serie paints from reaper, and Games of course

The blue chitine receive a base of a mix from cygnar blue (ultramarine blue )+ chaos black + frostbite (space wolf grey) + aqua surf (ice blue)

The shades had been done with the base + more black in it

To blend the base and the shade I use intermediate tone done with base + amethyst purple (MSP master serie paint )

The first highlight contain the base + frostbite and final highlight with only frostbite very diluted ( 1 paint 10 water)

Now the palid skin:

Base done with menoth white base (P3) + codex grey

First shade done with base + night shade purple (MSP)

Second shade done with base + black

First highlight done with base + frostbite

Second highlight done with menoth white highlight (the same as before 1 paint and 10 waters)

Then I apply everywhere very thin glazes of different color to rehot the palid tones, I’ve put some clear purple, bright blue, and yellow glazes

Unfortunately they didn’t appear on the photo and that why it looks flat (I know I’m never happy ^^ )

The bones now, who is looking more of a shining gold than bones, had been done like this:

Base done with menoth white base (P3) + battle dress green (P3)

Sahde with batlle dress green

Second shade with batlle dress green + cygnar blue

Intermediate color menoth white base

First highlight is base + menoth white highlight

Second highlight with only very diluted menoth white highlight

I hope it could help you , and I was really surprised to have such of pleasure doing this bug.

I didn’t tought it was so fun to paint, so I will redo one with pleasure

If you have any question, comments, suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me

All the best Stefan

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